Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Face on the Wall At Twin City Opera House

We had an awesome investigation Sept 18 at the Twin City Opera House.  Our fourth visit was yet another learning experience.
We had one encounter with Charlie, the dark spirit from the basement.  It was up in the catwalk, where little Elizabeth is said to hang out.  It came out during a flashlight session that we were not talking to Elizabeth, but Charlie.

Here is what I learned from this experience.  When we visited the Opera House last year, Charlie was this terrifying entity that kept showing up the entire night we were there.   The more afraid we were of it, the more it did.  On Sept 18, it was different.  Why?  Because G12P has former military on board now and he wasn't afraid.  Jeremy even challenged Charlie.  Charlie went away and never returned.
No one was afraid and it seemed like the terrible demon from the sub basement had no power.  Definitely have to go back again for another visit to continue our study of Charlie.

However, we also didn't get any evp, nor much evidence at all.  Exploring this century old building was well worth the time we spent there, even with the ball room now closed off.
There were 12 of us that went, including Amanda and Jeremy Vantilburg, Nicholas Vantilburg, Robert and Alex, Peggy Sue Reed Moats, and The Wells Family.

And the best piece of evidence we got for the evening?
This picture, taken by Amanda.  Can you see the face?  It looks like a little girl.  Maybe Elizabeth?
Here is the original pic that she took.  Is is a ghost? There is no way to say for sure.  But I have added it to our unexplained file, for now.

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