Thursday, September 3, 2015


 I have been wanting to do this for years.  After years of research, I finally got around to putting it all down in a book.  Of course there will no doubt be revisions as I find out more information, but for now, here is the first one.
They are $12 each.  If you would like one, please email me at or send me a text message at 330-303-6374.
 Stories included in this edition are Esther Hale, Gretchen Gill, Jake the Night Watchman, Lucy Cobb, and a few others.
The book includes the legend as well as any real information that I have found so far.
There will be at least two more available by October.
Ghostly Tales Of Rogers Ohio will be out by October 10 for the Rogers Festival.
Salem Ghosts and Haunts will be out by October 17.  
These will also be $12 each.

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