Thursday, September 17, 2015

Our Fourth Twin City Opera House Visit Sept 18.

The G12P is excited to be visiting the Twin City Opera House once more.  Our last visit, June of 2014, we were with a tour.  This time we are just investigating!  We had the chance last year to catch some interesting recordings from the sub basement, where there is reported to be a dark spirit.  I am very interested in going back there to see what else we get.
This video is part of our experience in the basement..  We were sitting by the door that leads to the sub basement, doing a flashlight session. I will be doing this again tomorrow night.
The inside of this century old theater is well worth the visit!  There are several of my new crew that have not been there and it is always awesome to revisit and experience it with them.  We will be sharing pics and recounting our adventure when we return.  Since we have been there before, I can already highly recommend a visit to this truly haunted building!  

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