Monday, November 16, 2015

November 14 At The Haunted East End Jr. High

Our first night at the East End Jr. High was great!  Lots of people and lots of personal experiences.   Lots of psychics as well!
Lantern Paranormal joined us with their Paranormal Radio Show, The Skeptic's Sanctum. We loved having them and greatly look forward to their next visit.
They brought a Boo Buddy Bear, pictured on the left.   It was decided to place it beside one of our haunted dolls, Emily. They said they will let us know if they got anything.    
 Most of our crew was interviewed.  That was fun!  You see Cindy being interviewed on the left by Raven and Phoenix.

 We were visited by 8 ghost hunters seeking a new adventure.  Here you see three ladies from Stuebenville checking out the gym.  They were having interesting readings with their K-2's.

 Got to have an up close and person look at an Ovilus!   I WANT ONE!!  
This old school building is already starting to feel like home!  Our next adventure will be November 21 with another public investigation.$20 per person, with Pizza Hut Pizza at midnight.  We also have fresh coffee all night to help keep you alert!

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