Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ghost Walks, Tours of Sprucevale, and Being on Channel 33 News

 Our last event for the 2015 Halloween season was in Salem.  The Salem Historical Society hosted an event called Dinner and a Ghost Walk.  Dinner included stuffed chicken, vegtables, salad, and desert.   During dinner,  we talked about ghosts, asking the question "Do Ghosts Exist?"
We showed pics and even did a little flashlight session.
 The guides for the evening were Kimberly Frazier Mitchell. She took group A and went first.

  Amanda Vantilburg was second tour guide for the evening and she took group B.  
 Nicholas and Halee Vantilburg were our assistants for the evening taking pictures and helping to get everyone across the streets safely.  Each group has twenty people.   That was a lot and they did fantastic work!
 There were many stories on the tour, including this house, on Lincoln, which has been struck by lightening three times and did not burn down.
 The tour weaved its way throughout Salem and touched and tragedy, bizarre events, and ghostly tales.
While the tours are over for this year, they will begin again in 2016.  All proceeds for these events benefit the Salem Historical Society, who not only strive to keep the history of Salem intact, but the paranormal history as well.   For that we thank them and will always aid them in this effort!!

We were also on Channel 33 News!!  We did the interview on October 10 and they aired it on Oct 30!     Thank you Timothy Brooks for recommending me when Len Rome called you. It gave us a wonderful opportunity!
 WE met Channel 33 down at Gretchen's Lock and walked back to Lock 41.

I was interviewed back there, telling the Gretchen and Esther tale.
 Cindy, our crew psychic medium, was also interviewed at Lock 41, giving them her impressions of the area.

Junior crew member Halee played little Gretchen and they took several pics and video of her.

Morgan played Esther Hale, doing an awesome job herself.  We truly appreciate their hard work!
The G12P is working hard to make a difference in the community and to preserve the paranormal history of the tri-state area!

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