Thursday, November 5, 2015

What We Have On The East End Jr High So Far

We are excited to have our first event at the Old East End Jr. High on November 14.   We have been working to identify the hot spots in the school and find some history on the building.  Still working on the history, but the hot spots are showing themselves very nicely.
The first place that really stood out is the old Shop room.  It even has a dark shadowy form that has made itself known.  Several of my crew have seen it and it tends to follow you up the long hallway.  Who it is, we are not sure yet.

 The Boiler room has a presence that may be a woman.  There is, Strangely, a full length mirror in the boiler room that is something a woman might use rather than a man.
At least one of the Locker Rooms  is also hot. We have had two excellent Flashlight sessions in it. Again, a strange mirror is inside.

The stage in the gym also has something going on with it.  More work needs to be done here to determine better what is going on.
There is also a room of the gym that we got an excellent EVP in, calling Amanda's name.
 While there is much more work to be done, we have seen enough to know we have several spirits we are dealing with.
There is a lot to explore and great adventure to be had spending the night here.   Are you brave enough?
For more information, text to 330-303-6374.

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