Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saging Can Change Your Life

Ghost hunting is exciting, educational, intense, boring, controversial, and sometimes dangerous.  I have been ghost hunting since 2003.  I started out slow, but by 2005 I was plowing full speed ahead, investigating anything and everything I could find.  By 2007, I was investigating unsolved murders and started doing private investigations.  2008 I started G12P, and with that came even more ghost hunting and investigating. In all that time, other than wearing a cross from time to time, or saying a prayer here and there, I didn't do anything to protect myself.   I just didn't believe there was any danger to myself just by hunting ghosts.  I was wrong.
Along with all the adventures I was going on, a lot of little things started happening. Nothing was working right. My crew fought often with each other.  Verbal arguments and distrust was a huge problem.
The most outrageous problems plagued me at every turn.  If my car broke down,  no matter what it was, to fix it was a huge undertaking. New plugs and wires? The plugs would break off and get stuck in the engine, requiring an even harder amount of work for a simple tune up.  The refridgerator, fairly new, would just stop and we had to pull it out and beat on the back with a hammer.  The water lines would freeze in the winter.    Electric bills were hundreds of dollars.  Marriage problems and eventual divorce.  My whole first crew quit in 2013, and I traced that back to our Sedamsville Rectory investigation in November of 2012.

By 2014 I was clinically depressed.   I had a part time job but couldn't pay the bills.  The Rogers House was lost.  I was down to having to decide whether to buy food, gas for my car, or pay bills.   Nothing I did worked.   So when two of my crew members suggested to me that I try saging, I at first scoffed about it. I had never done it and wasn't about to start.    But a few days later, I was looking at the sage stick they gave me and decided to try it. What did I have to lose? I was already at the bottom and even decided God hated me.
I followed the instructions that came with the sage stick. Light the sage, let it smolder a bit. Swirl the smoke around me, using my hand to fan the smoke.   I said a prayer, asking God to fill every dark crack and creviss of my life with his loving light and asking Him to cast out and banish any eveil spirits that were around me that meant to do me harm.  Well, as you can imagine, nothing major happened that night and I left it at that.  This was on a Sunday.   Tuesday I decided to take a roll of silver dimes I had to a jeweler and see what I could get out of them.  I hoped for $20 so I could buy some food.  I walked out of the shop with $75.  I was crying. It was enough to pay my two bills I needed to pay, put gas in my car, and buy some food. That had never happened to me before.  EVER. Something good that solved all my immediate problems. That night I saged again, doing the same thing I did before.
By the end of October, I had gotten a  second job.  Suddenly I had more money than I had had in years. By January, I had been offered a full time job working midnights, which I took.  I couldn't believe how my life was changing.  Every thing that happened was huge in different ways.  
In March I was offered, at the same company, a job working Monday thru Friday, dayshift, evenings and weekends off.    Finally, a job I could support myself with and still do the ghost hunting that I loved.
In June, my car broke down, but by this time, I wasn't worried. I knew it would be okay. And sure enough, I was able to buy my first ever car off the lot.    I mended family relationships.   I wrote two short books that were well recieved.      And all the good stuff just keeps happening. I sage once a week.  I will do that for the rest of my life.   I didn't believe it when I started, but I sure do now.  If you are having problems, try it. What have you got to lose?
Light your sage stick. Let the smoke swirl around you and say a prayer. If you are saging your house, let the smoke swirl about each room of your home and say your prayer in each room as well.  It is as simple as that.     You can buy sage sticks on the internet.     I included a few web sites to give you some more information on this subject.  Any questions?   Please message me and I will be glad to help.

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