Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Barrel Lady Of East Liverpool-Julia Wall

Photo from the Evening
Review in October of
1940, which I found myself
and copied at the library.
Another vicitim of a possible serial killer that may have been lurking in the East Liverpool area in the early 1940's was Julia Wall.  She was about 46 years old at the time of her death.   She was strangled and stuffed into a barrel jack knife style.  Her body was so tighly stuffed into the barrel that the metal hoops had to be cut off to free her, hence the name Barrel Lady.  The barrel was found at the corner of Jennings Avenue and St. Clair Avenure.  Her body was still warm when they found her.
There was a suspect in her murder, a man by the name of Frank Casio. Due to lack of evidence all charges were dropped against him.  Her murder was never solved.
She is buried in an unmarked grave in Spring Grove Cemetery in East Liverpool.
Two other women were murdered in the early 1940's.  Alice Lyons in 1943 and the Carnival Girl in 1944.
While little is known about the Carnival Girl, Alice and Julia were both newlyweds. Both ladies were also murdered closer to fall, their bodies both being found in October.
In about the center of this pic you can see a person and the tree they are standing beside is the burial sight of Julia Wall.
For more information, see the East Liverpool Historical Society  Web site.


Unknown said...

Hello! Thank you for posting this article. This is a relative of mine. I had heard this story before from her niece, (my great aunt). My name is Bethany Barnett-Drysdale

Unknown said...

Julia Costello Wall is my great-great aunt. I am glad to read this article. Thank you for posting it. I disn't know the details, only that it was unsolved.