Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Is A Little Girl Entombed In Lusk Lock?

 According to the book "Elkrun Township" by Bea Westover, there may be a little girl entombed in Lusk Lock.  According to the story, a man named Michael Lusk was employed to help in the building of the Lock 27.  Married, he, his wife and daughter, little three year old Margaret, lived in Elkton while the lock was being built.  However, it is said the Mrs. Lusk hated it here.  She was desperate to go home to England.  One day, Michael came home from a hard day of work, and found his little daughter alone.  His wife was gone and never came back.  Not knowing what to do, he started out with a babysitter, but little Margaret cried all day long for her father.  He ended up having to take her with him to work.  Little Margaret became very ill and died a short time later.  The workers at the lock had become very fond of her, so she was entombed in the lock to honor her.
 The Location of the tomb is supposed to be at the top of the right stair case.
When I went out there over this past weekend, I was hoping to find some sign that she might be there.
At the top of the stairs, hidden by leaves was an inscription.  It is very faded and hard to read.  It could be an inscription for her.  We plan to go back out with some tinfoil this weekend and see if we can read it.
The number 28 is fairly visible, but not much else.
We will let you know what we find!

Getting back to Ghost Hunting Basics

The last year has been a long one.   One hear ago we had the Louis Townsend Farr House and we had just met our friends, Dark Shadow Ghost Tours.  To say that I personally bit off way more than I could chew was an understatement.  I also had a part time job that was about 30 hours a week.  House.  Ghost hunting.  Job.  Dark Shadows.  By the end of October, I was burnt out worse than I have ever been.  In January, I knew that some things had to change.
Crew members Brian, Jeremy, and Amanda
After getting a full time job, it became even worse and I finally had to make some hard choices.  We withdrew from Dark Shadows, and that was a hard choice to make.  I think they are awesome and hope they keep right on doing what they do so well, which is take you on an adventure you won't soon forget!
We also,  as a crew decided to become a non profit organization.  That is something I have wanted to do for a long time.
I am the president.  Amanda Vantilburg is the Vice President and also the acting secretary for now.  And Brian Dickson is our treasurer.  Our goal as a non profit is to preserve the paranormal history of the Tri State area.  We do fundraisers for places like the Salem Historical Society, and this year we are working on an ambitious project for a fundraiser for the local animal shelters, which will take place on September 10 of this year.  More to come about that soon.
We are also looking for that perfect building to have as our home base.  We lost the Louis Townsend Farr House in October.  The owner has made other plans for it.
We are not sure where we are going at this point, but we hope to figure out our destiny soon.
This year we will be doing more exploring and private adventures.  Not that we don't have a full schedule, but I don't think I will ever do what we did last year.  There has to be time for family and friends that does not include working all the time.
Expect more articles about our adventures and stories that we find along the way.  There is something out there and we will find it!
Amanda and Kimberly at a waterfall
just outside of Wellsville.

Amanda and Peanut along the Ohio River
near the Newell Bridge.