Sunday, May 31, 2015

Register Early For The Pottery Festival Scavenger Hunt AND GET BONUS POINTS

You can now register for the Paranormal Scavenger Hunt at the Pottery Festival on June 11-13.  The actual hunt itself will be held on Saturday, June 13. Send us your team name and a contact information.  This will get you a bonus of 25 points for signing up early.  You can pay the entry fee of $20  at our booth during the festival.  Besides the actual hunt itself, you can also earn extra points for things like having the coolest name for a team, and some other surprises as well!  
It is easy enough to see our characters at Gretchen's Lock, but could you find them in a crowd?  We will have ten costumed characters out and about for you to find along with several other  things to look for and you will only have two hours to find as many as you can.  
Prizes will be announced next week!

If you want to register, email us at ghosting12@yahoo,com, contact any G12P crew member, or message us on our facebook page: