Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Old East Liverpool East End Junior High-The G12P's New Home

 Here are a few images of our new home base!  We have already started investigating the building and are excited at what we have found so far. There is definitely something calling the old shop room home.  We had, among other things, a very successful flashlight session in this room and our Crew Psychic, Cindy, confirmed the presence also.  Catching a glimpse of a shadow person in this area later in the evening also solidifies our beliefs that something is there.

We are working on the history of this old school, which we know opened in 1954.  Our only story is about a possible suicide by a janitor in the late 50's or early 60's.   The pic to the side of this is the movie room, and we are going to be having scary movie night starting in January and then spending a couple hours hunting the halls of the school afterward.  Are you brave enough to join us?  

 Our first public hunt will be November 14.  The price will be $20 per person and hunt times will be 10am to ???     We will, of course,be on hand to help any newbies in the field, while those experienced hunters can take off and do their thing. For more information, email me at ghosting12@yahoo.com

If you have any information or stories about this awesome old building, please let us know!!