Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Ghost of Emily....In the doll with no eyes?

 We have studied the possibility of items being haunted or having attachments in the past.  When we had the Louise Townsend Farr house in 2014, we had the Lisbon Baby doll and other things inside that were reported to be haunted.
This doll with no eyes has been in our possession for at least 5 years now.  I bought her at a yard sale for fifty cents because she had no eyes and was very creepy looking. We displayed her at many events.
 Later, we put her in the attic, where we felt a spirit named Emily resided at the Louise Townsend Farr House. The attic room that seemed to stay in was the most haunted room in the house and many people had experiences there.  When we found out we were going to have to leave this beautiful old house, we decided to try to help the spirits in the house to move on.
 We also decided to ask some of the spirits if they wanted to go with us. We put two Teddy Bears in the room and invited Emily and Michael to attach to them so we would take them to our next building.  Interestingly, we had some people quit the crew and the bears went with them.  So what happened to Emily?  Did she attach to one of those bears?  Or did she attach to something else?
WE think she might have chosen the eye less baby doll to attach to rather than either of the bears.   I think she knew we would not end up with the bears, so she chose something else.
What makes us think this?  We all just started calling the doll Emily. It is, of course, only theory, but it is one I happen to like.
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