Thursday, December 17, 2015

In Remembrance Of The Unknown Carnival Girl

In the early 1940's there were three unsolved murders in East Liverpool,Ohio.  The first was that of Julia Walls, a newlywed who was strangled and stuffed into a barrel.  She became known as the Barrel Lady.
In 1943, Alice Lyons was the second victim, She went missing in August and was found in early October along what was then called California Hollow. Today it is Dresden Avenue, very near the Motor Lodge.
The third victim was in 1944.  She is referred to only as the Carnival Girl.  She worked for a carnival that was in town at the time called Sheasleys, as a dancing girl.
Her body was found on state street in East End, wrapped in a green blanket. She had been strangled.
Despite every effort, her identity was never discovered.

Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in East Liverpool, her grave was only marked with a small wooden cross.  That little marker is long gone.     Her grave is near the lower entrance of the cemetery.
Her murder, like the other two ladies, was never solved.  
One of the goals of The G12P in 2016 is to get a tomb stone for her grave to remember her by.  We want to include her picture and her basic story.  She deserves at least that.
The first victim, Julia Walls, is also buried there in an unmarked grave, so getting her a stone is also one of our goals.
If you are interested in helping us with this mission, please email us or message us on facebook.
The G12P is a non profit organization whose goal is to preserve the paranormal history of the tristate area, as well as the strange, odd, and mysterious.