Sunday, April 17, 2016

Looking for Another Ghost Town--Martinsburg Along Beaver Creek

 A few years ago, a former crew member gave me a copy of the map that was drawn by R. Max Gard and William Vodrey in 1950.  This Map came with a book both Gentlemen wrote, mapping out the Sandy and Beaver Canal, as was left in 1950.  

 One of the things that intrigued me found on the map is the location of a town called Martinsburg.  Martinsburg as a little village, similar to Sprucevale. Like Sprucevale, it vanished when the canal ended.
We are determined to find the remains of this little village.
We began our adventure at the Grist Mill at Sprucevale.
With me was Amanda and Jeremy Vantilburg and Nicholas Vantilburg.   Also my grandsons, Joshua and Tyme.
 You travel along the creek, keeping to the path, which is sometimes hard because it can be wet and swampy.
We saw a Bald Eagle.  It was gone too fast to get a pic, but it was fantastic to see.  We also came across a deer and that was a thrill, too!
The first thing we came acros was Lock 44.  I have not been over there to explore it yet, but it is in my future.
Somewhere around here, according to the map, is Lock 45 so a trip here will be a two for one deal!
 We encountered some people on horseback and was told that once we found the bridge, Martinsville was right beside it.  You can imagine how excited we were to find it!
Unfortunately, there was no sign of a little village.  I have seen pics from someone claiming they were foundations from Martinsburg.  They are out there somewhere~
WE did not find Marinsburg.  We did find Lock 46.  Again we are on the wrong side of the creek to explore it, but we did see it.

So where is Martinsburg?  If you know, please tell me how to get there!  My goal is to see all the remaining locks along Beaver Creek an any mill, ghost town, or anything else associated with it!

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