Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Third Victim of the 1940's East Liverpool Serial Killer

Alice Lyons was in reality possibly the second victim of a serial killer stalking the East Liverpool area streets from 1940 through 1944.  Alice, who was only 17, went missing on August 20, 1943.   She was a newlywed of just five months.  Her husband, John Lyons,  was only 22. He was jailed and questioned about what happened, but denied having anything to do with her death.  At  the time of her disappearance, the couple was living with his parents in East End.  She was not happy about living there.  She wanted her own house and on the day of her disappearance, she had left a note stating she was leaving.   She was one month pregnant.
She was found on October 2, mostly decomposed.  She had no clothing on.  Cause of death was not certain, but they were fairly sure she was strangled.  Found near her body was a pair of blue pumps she had borrowed from an inlaw and an anklet that was still on her leg.

She was also found along Dresden avenue, back then referred to as California Hollow, very near where the Motor Lodge is today.
Her murder, like those of the other two women, was not solved.  She is buried at Columbiana County Memorial Cemetery.  For a little more about the story please see:
East Liverpool Historical Society Web Site
An example of what 1940's pumps looked