Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lock 26 of the Sandy and Beaver Canal

My goal is to find all the remaining Locks in the Sandy and Beaver Canal System here in Columbiana County.  So far I have been to Locks 2-12; 24-30; 37-44 and 50-55.  I still have a few left to find!
This past weekend, I finally made it to Lock 26.  Finding it was an adventure all on it's own.   There is a sign and parking lot for Lock26 just outside of Elkton.  But there is no map, no sign or directions to tell you where the lock actually is at all.    If you don't know where it is to  begin with you may get lost.  I did.  But don't give up. In fact, here are some directions to help you find it.
If you follow the path that is on the very most left of the parking area, once you get clear to the bottom of the hill, GO RIGHT.  While there is an impressive bit of an old tow path down along that whole section, it leads to nowhere.   Go RIGHT and follow the path that is there.  It goes along the creek to a second large clearing area and this is where you will find Lock 26.
Most of the facing is gone, save for this little piece pictured here.  I can only assume the facing was carted out by boat since access to this area is so remote.  Not sure what it was like 100 years ago however, so for now I can only theorize as to what happened to it.  I did some research on line and found that most of Lock 24 was used for the remodeling of the Lisbon Courthouse, house foundations, and sidewalks.  Some was also used to make the restaurant Lock 24.
I can only assume some of Lock 26 met the same fate.
I was surprised to see that there was also a dam beside Lock 26.  A lot of it is still there.
To the left you can see the timbers that lay in the water.
There are a lot of timbers left in the water here and when the creek is low they can be explored.  The water is not deep here.  It was a bit swift today, though I did venture out there anyway. I had my muck boots on!
This area is definitely worth a look and awesome to explore!   Is is haunted?  The G12P will be going back to investigate the area to find out!