Sunday, January 29, 2017


Door to the storage room.
 A little over ten years ago, the Paxson family bought their first home.  As they looked at it for the first time, they loved the layout, the back yard, the kitchen, the enclosed front porch and the roomy basement.  Mr. Paxson  fully planned to change his basement into a man-cave for football games and family fun.
He didn't bother to look in the two rooms in the basement, being told they were for storage.  He took the salesman at his word.
A few weeks after they moved  in and got settled, he finally had a chance to go explore his basement more fully.
Door to THE ROOM.
One room was lined with shelves and there were even some canning jars sitting empty inside.
The second door immediately had him puzzled.  Unlike the other door, this one had two slide bolts on the outside and the door was much better constructed.  A hole in the upper right corner is how the door was opened.  Expecting to see the same type of shelves when he entered this room, he was not prepared for what did meet his eyes.
Backing slowly out of the room, he closed the door and didn't open it again for over a year.  Gone were his plans for a man-cave.  How could he when he may very well have bought the house of a serial killer...
Not long after he discovered THE ROOM, things began to happen in the house.   In the master bedroom, Mr. Paxson began having a hard time sleeping.  He would have episodes of vertigo that got worse and worse.   It became so bad they switched rooms.  After that he was fine.  At this time, it didn't occur to them that they might have a haunting.  Their daughter, who was about 7 at the time was in the room and at first was fine.  Eventually, she began to have problems sleeping also.  She complained of dizzy spells.  She also started talking about her toys coming out of the closet by themselves and getting closer to her bed...  So every morning the Paxson family found themselves waking up in the same room together.
According to the daughter, her toys
came out of the closet by

Other things began to happen.  Muffled voices could be heard upstairs.  When they went upstairs to see what was going on, the voices sounded like they were down stairs.  
One evening, while watching a movie on Netflix, the cursor from the laptop started moving by itself across the screen, swirling about, while no one was at the computer.
Objects were swiped off dressers in the bedrooms.  This included a jewelry box and a large jar of coins.
On one occasion an orb was witnessed in the hallway upstairs that disappeared into the master bedroom.
It should be noted that no one in the family ever entered THE ROOM in the basement.  In ten years, they had only went inside a total of 5 times.  The fifth time was a night they opened their house in October of 2016 to give a tour of the place for the Salem Ghost Trolley Tours.
Another time they entered THE ROOM concerned a cat.  They had a cat that suddenly went missing.  They looked for two days and could  actually hear it crying, seemingly in the walls of the house.  On the third day, getting desperate to find it, they were searching the basement when the cries started again.  The cat was in THE ROOM.  It is a room that no one ever entered. There was even furniture and boxes piled up in front of the door to THE ROOM.  They do not know how the cat got inside.
The final mystery for the house concerns the year it was built.  According to records obtained by our research, it was built in 1920.  But the deed says 1927.  While we do have a story about the house, the date discrepancy could indicate that our research may be about the wrong house...
Would you like to spend the night inside and see what you can find?  You will get your chance...
inside THE ROOM, Mr Paxson saw what appeared to be a
bed against the back wall.